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New User Guide

The Beginner’s Vaping Guide

So, you decided to make the jump into the world of vaping. Good going!

Beginning your electronic cigarette journey may prove to be a little daunting, thanks to all of the terminology, hardware, jargon, and juice out there.

But have no fear... FlavorPuff is here!

Let us take you through a couple of terms that are common in the electronic cigarette world.


Vaping - The act of breating in vapor from an electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarette/E-Cig/Personal Vaporizer (PV) - All of these terms mean the same thing. They are typically used to refer to the entire assembly that one uses to vape on e-liquid

E-Liquid - A mix of 4-6 ingredients (one of which is nicotine), which is heated to the point of vaporization. This is a different process than combustion, which is how nicotine is derived from a traditional cigarette.

Atomizer - This is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains the heating coil used to vaporize. It can be housed in a replaceable cartridge (cartomizer), a clear refillable tank (clearomizers), or a hollow tube (used to drip liquid into, known as dripping). We sell only clearomizers because they are clean, simple, long-lasting, and easy to use.

Clearomizer - This is a device that uses a tank to hold e-liquid. It's typically made from metal, plastic, and/or glass. Some have viewing windows, to see how much e-liquid is left in the clearomizer.

Coil/Head - This is the actual heating element inside the atomizer. This is what is referred to when talking about replaceable coil atomizers. They contain a metal coil, wick, and a metal post which screws onto the atomizer.

What Milligram of Nicotine Juice Should I Order?

This is an excellent question. We offer a variety of liquid strengths, ranging from 0mg (no nicotine) to 30mg (very high level of nicotine). Note that not all liquids are available in all strengths. 

Description of Nicotine Levels:

0mg - No Nicotine This is a good choice if you're using an electronic cigarette simply to taste the vapor. 

6mg - Light Nicotine This strength is similar to an ultralight. 

12mg - Medium Nicotine This (and 18mg) are the most common strengths. 

18mg - Medium+ Nicotine This is probably the most common choice for individuals making the switch from 'traditional' cigarettes

24mg - Strong Nicotine If an individual has relatively high nicotine use, this may be a good level to start at.

30mg - Strong+ Nicotine This strength, only available in select flavors, is the highest nicotine content we feel comfortable selling. It is very high, and should be reserved only for extremely heavy nicotine users.


To use an electronic cigarette, you need two pieces of hardware (battery and clearomizer) and e-liquid (the liquid that contains the nicotine). The simplest solution to getting everthing you need in one fell swoop is our Kanger eVod Starter Kit. It includes e-Liquid, two batteries, two clearomizers, and five replacable coils. This kit will last a normal user at least a month, if not much longer. Our YouTube video, shown below, will give you an excellent overview of the Evod Kit, and will show you the basics of how to use electronic cigarettes in general: